With a beautiful frame of natural beauty, the indigenous flora and the quiet of the African Country, dining at our hotel is unparalleled. With three gorgeous restaurants to choose from , we take executive , casual and relaxed dining to levels you have never experienced before.


Situated close to the foyer of the 5 star Hotel, the elegant Waterfall Restaurant, serves local and international delicacies and a superb selection of drinks. We have a wide variety of continental dishes catering for all international guests.For lunch and dinner, our la carte menu boasts western, African, Chinese and Indian dishes.

Major 1

With Superb View and Fine Decor, the Major 1 Restauraunt matches to its name. Simply major and majestic. From our delightful entree selection or the delicate fresh Prawns on the main, your taste buds will be infused by the finest of ingredients. For the best in executive, uncompromised, classy dining, welcome to the Major 1 Restaurant


Bring together your friends and family and sit down to enjoy our deliciously generous  buffet, served in the Bubbles Restaurant with a five star relaxing atmosphere. This is a five star, gourmet dining experience complete with impeccable service that will please you and your friends.Soak up the sunshine on the terrace or settle down and enjoy the warmth of the inside – whatever the case, you cant say the word bubbles with a sad face.