Sparkling waters hotel gets launched in style

Located in Rustenburg, a one and half hour drive from Johannesburg, the five star hotel boasts of the modern kitchen, restaurant, spa as well as a forest reserve that offers a serenity that only nature can offer.

The hotel, which is owned by SB Hotels, an entity under Shepherd Bushiri Investments, is just one of the eight hotels in different countries, with some earmarked to be launched.

Bushiri, who is the owner and president of SBI, says Sparkling Waters and Spa will continue to provide the best to people both through classical services and also job opportunities to South Africa.

“Tourism is big in South Africa, and to contribute to it’s growth, we need to have good recreational and hospitality facilities to support it,” he said at the auspicious event, which was broadcast live on several international TV stations.

The launch, which was just the first phase of the continuous expansion drive of the hotel, has cost SBI about $150 million. With 53 rooms operational, the hotel provides employment to more than 500 people.

After completion of the entire project, estimated at ZAR 1.5 billion, the hotel will provide employment to more than 5000 people and with over 2000 rooms functional.

“Let me encourage you to keep on believing in your dreams, no matter how big they are. Even if some people will laugh at your faith thinking it is IMPOSSIBLE, they don’t know that with our God it is POSSIBLE. Welcome to SB HOTELS SPARKLING WATERS HOTEL AND SPA. May you also receive the grace of properties in Jesus name!” he added.

The launch of the new hotel was attended by South African music group Mafikizolo who provided the entertainment, the mayor of Rustenburg and Mavuto Bamusi, a senior advisor to Malawi president Peter Mutharika among other high profile celebrities and politicians who attended.

“Prophet Bushiri has demonstrated the capacity of being a great investor and it is the wish of every Malawian to see him also investing in his home country,” Bamusi said in his speech. Bushiri who is president of Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI) is already said to be investing in Malawi.

“We have bought a building (in Lilongwe) and we are working on it so that it becomes one of the world class hotels in Malawi and we believe that it will boost the tourism sector in the country. We would also want to put one of the biggest conferencing area to accommodate over 3000 people.”


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