An African original,  quaint – unique, absolutely  glorious!

An African original,  quaint – unique, absolutely  glorious!

As the year draws to an end, plans for 2017 are filling new diaries and every Event or Conference planner must consider a newly refurbished and refreshing venue nestled in the calm and leafy Rustenburg. Tucked in the lush green northwest country valley and boasting in the glorious sun-kissed get-away, Sparkling Waters is a gem in the SB Hotels group, a division of Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI Investments).

Boasting fantastic conference packages, ideal for team-building activities, Sparkling Waters offers top of the range amenities. In the quaint restaurant at the heart of the hotel, you will find Johannes, a chef putting his best continental cuisine forward, a selection of the most delectable vegetables in season, ample catering for every vegan and banting fanatic’s contentment. So whether you enjoy to putt putt or take few sets of tennis, you may laze about in the waters that truly sparkle, the premises are child friendly, with carefully orchestrated children’s activities; face-painting, marshmallow braais and jumping castles.

On-going renovations will see the venue add an additional number of rooms, increasing the capacity to 300 rooms of multiple combinations. An ideal conference venue, Sparkling Waters is home to the World Luxury Spa Award winning Sparkling health Spa, with gifts and vouchers unlocking a sumptuous bevy of treatment and pampering. The Spa offers packages for couples and individuals alike, offers of spa lunch and full body massages, waxing and facials. Steam baths and a gym facility make the spa a gentle pre-heaven experience. A personal experience reveals that even the crisp air is tinted with divine clarity, creating an instant perfect convalescence arena, bringing a soul soothing sense of peace

Wedding and corporate event planners and guests will find one word to capture what this twinkling starlet boasts- serendipity. The tranquility and serenity is worth escaping the hustle and bustle with the family or team any day, with Canopy Tours offering giving you the opportunity to go on a unique eco-adventure, allowing you to zip line through the ecology and geology of the world’s second oldest mountain range.

So whether you want to relax with the family or take your team on a strategic planning fest, away from all the interruptions of city life, this venue even lends itself as the perfect venue for an engagement party or charity luncheon.The answer to many a husband’s Valentine’s equation remains in the couple’s spa treat, or better still for the secret admirer with a lasting agenda -this precious rendezvous is not short of treats to put a sparkle in your beloved’s eye!

David Dix, the exceptionally hospitable General Manager welcomes you on arrival and his warm team will make it happen for  you.


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